The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle Table

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Assembling a jigsaw puzzle is a delightfully engaging and relaxing pastime, which is why many adults love investing their time in this rewarding hobby. Yet, your overall puzzle-solving experience can be greatly impacted by the kind of table you use. As an aficionado of 1000 piece modern art jigsaw puzzles, you need a table that can comfortably house your puzzle pieces without a hitch. So, let's dive into the intriguing world of puzzle tables and explore how to pick the perfect one for your needs.

Understanding Your Puzzle-Solving Habits

To kickstart the process, you first need to understand your puzzle-solving habits. In our blog post, Picking the Perfect Puzzle Size: A Guide to Choosing the Right Jigsaw Puzzle Size for Every Puzzler, we elaborated on the importance of selecting the puzzle size that aligns with your preferences.

  • Do you enjoy sprawling 1000 piece puzzles that consume your entire afternoon, or do you prefer smaller, quick-to-solve puzzles?
  • Do you often work on your puzzle in one go, or do you prefer to spend a few hours over several days?

Answering these questions can help you determine the size and functionality of the puzzle table you need.

Key Features of a Good Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Let's now discuss the key features you should look for in a jigsaw puzzle table.

1. Size and Capacity

The table should be large enough to accommodate your puzzle and all its loose pieces. For example, the JoyPcsTable Jigsaw Puzzle Table with Drawers and Legs Height & Tilting Adjustment for Up to 1500 Pieces priced at $159.99, offers an expansive workspace for large puzzles.

2. Adjustable and Comfortable

A good puzzle table offers adjustable height and angle settings to ensure ergonomic comfort. You don't want to strain your neck or back during long puzzling sessions. The Becko US Jigsaw Puzzle Table Puzzle Board with Cover Puzzle Easel Tilting Table with Height Adjustment for Up to 1500 Pieces, Enclosed with 4 Wheels offers these features and comes with a reasonable price tag of $149.99.

3. Storage Options

Having built-in drawers or trays for sorting and storing puzzle pieces can be incredibly helpful. The Puzzle Ready Puzzle Board with Drawers & Cover Mat - 1000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle Table with Cover and Colorful Puzzle Trays for Sorting is a fantastic choice at $89.99. It includes multiple trays for organizing your pieces by color, edge pieces, or any other system you prefer.

But how does one decide on the perfect jigsaw? Our blog post Puzzle Perfect: How to Choose the Right Jigsaw for Your Skills and Interests can provide you with insights into this.

Stay tuned for more tips on selecting the perfect jigsaw puzzle table, including considerations for portability, durability, and more.

Portability and Flexibility

Continuing our discussion, let's consider another vital aspect: portability and flexibility. If you're someone who enjoys solving puzzles in different parts of your house or wants to take your puzzle with you on trips, then a portable and flexible puzzle table is a must. Consider the Bits and Pieces 1000 Piece Size Portable Jigsaw Caddy which costs $59.98. This product is perfect for those who want to enjoy their hobby wherever they go.

Protective Cover

If you're in the habit of taking breaks between your puzzling sessions, then a puzzle table with a protective cover is a wise choice. A cover can protect your puzzle from dust and prevent pieces from getting lost. The Tektalk Jigsaw Puzzle Board Portable Puzzle Mat Non-Slip Surface Up to 1500 Pieces, with Dustproof Cover comes at a budget-friendly price of $39.99 and provides a dustproof cover that's perfect for preserving your in-progress puzzles.

Material Quality

Quality is key when choosing your puzzle table. Tables made from durable materials will withstand time and wear, offering you a stable and smooth surface to work on. The JoyUltra 1500 Piece Non-Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board with 4 Drawers priced at $39.99, is crafted with high-quality materials for durability and a smoother puzzling experience.

If you're a fan of wooden tables, the TeakMama 1500 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Folding Puzzle Board, Puzzle Table with Legs and Protective Cover is a great option. At a price of $79.99, it offers a sturdy, comfortable workspace along with a protective cover.

Pro Tip: Once your puzzle masterpiece is complete, it's fun to display it for all to admire. To ensure your puzzle stays intact, using the right adhesive is crucial. Refer to our blog post on What Glue is Good for Puzzles to get more insights into preserving your puzzles.

While choosing the perfect puzzle table for you, remember the essential factors we discussed: size and capacity, adjustability, storage options, portability, protective cover, and quality. These considerations will lead you to a table that enhances your puzzle solving experience, creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for your favorite pastime. Stay tuned as we dive into additional features and options in the concluding part of this guide.

Additional Features

While the key factors discussed above form the backbone of a good puzzle table, there are also additional features that can provide an enhanced puzzling experience.

The Gamenote Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board with Cover Mat 1000 Pieces at $49.99 is one such example. It features a cover mat that can serve as a protective layer and a color-coding system, making it easier for you to group your puzzle pieces by color or shape.


Lastly, always remember to consider your budget. A good puzzle table need not break the bank. Among the variety of options available, you can find puzzle tables in every price range that still offer great features. A good budget option could be the JoyUltra 1500 Piece Non-Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board with 4 Drawers at $39.99.

Quick Tip: Looking to challenge your puzzling skills? Our blog post Puzzle Perfect: How to Choose the Right Jigsaw for Your Skills and Interests offers a guide to finding puzzles that will keep you engaged and satisfied.


Choosing the right jigsaw puzzle table involves many considerations, from table size to adjustability, portability, protective features, additional conveniences, and of course, your budget. With the proper table, your puzzling experience will not only be comfortable but also much more enjoyable.

If you're feeling inspired to start a new puzzle after reading this guide, check out the wide variety of beautiful and challenging 1000 piece modern art jigsaw puzzles available on Cross and Glory. Our puzzles are created with both new and seasoned puzzlers in mind. Choose your next challenge and let your puzzle journey begin! Happy Puzzling!

Remember, it's not just about the end result, but also about enjoying the journey of piecing together your masterpiece. As our puzzle enthusiasts often say, "The joy is in the journey, not just the destination."

This ultimate guide will hopefully make that journey more joyful and fulfilling by helping you choose the perfect jigsaw puzzle table.

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