About Us


The Story of Our Name

The name Cross & Glory is not just an identity—it's a tale of two nations, a lineage in Britain, and the birthright of America, all woven into the fabric of our brand.

Our founder was born on American soil, a son of the "Old Glory," but his roots extend across the Atlantic to the rich, vibrant heritage of Britain. His ancestry traces back to the tenacity of the British people, whose symbol—the Cross of Saint George—proudly adorns their flag. This blend of cultures is encapsulated in our name, Cross & Glory, representing the intersection of these two proud nations and the shared love for the timeless joy of puzzles.

The seed for Cross & Glory was sown during our founder's childhood, when he would spend countless hours immersed in jigsaw puzzles. Often, he would be joined by his British grandmother, a lady of grace and wisdom, who instilled in him a deep appreciation for fine art and the intricate joy of puzzling. As he looked at the Cross of the British flag, she would share stories of their family's history and the indomitable spirit of their ancestors.

Years later, under the broad stripes and bright stars of the American flag, our founder turned this cherished pastime into Cross & Glory Puzzles. The glory of his American dream is reflected in the pursuit of excellence and commitment to create a top-tier jigsaw puzzle brand.

Our Journey

Our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, with a meteoric rise driven by an insatiable passion for providing high-quality puzzles. Since our humble beginnings, we've steadfastly held onto the mission of delivering meticulously crafted puzzles featuring captivating contemporary art. We take pride in transforming the unique creations of talented artists into an interactive experience for our customers, perpetuating the love for puzzles to new generations.

Our commitment to the environment runs deep in our veins. It was born from the awe-inspiring landscapes of both Britain and America that our founder grew up admiring. It is this reverence for nature that has us continually striving for sustainability, from the recycled materials in our puzzles and packaging to the use of non-toxic inks in our printing processes.

Future Aspirations

Cross & Glory has carved its niche in the world of puzzles and we are not resting on our laurels. As we move forward, our sights are set on continuing to raise the bar in terms of quality, creativity, and eco-consciousness. Our commitment to supporting artists, promoting sustainability, and providing high-quality puzzles has never been stronger.

In conclusion, our name represents more than just a brand—it's a story of heritage and patriotism, of perseverance and triumph. It's a testament to the spirit of unity that puzzles inherently evoke. As we continue to serve our customers, we are endlessly thankful for the community we have built at Cross & Glory and look forward to creating exceptional puzzling experiences for years to come.